Intraocular Tissues

the smooth muscles of the musculus sphincter pupillae and musculus dilator pupillae can be found. The ciliary body consists of two parts: the pars plicata contains the ciliary processes, the pars plana serves as an attachment for the vitreous gel. In both parts, layers of ciliary muscle are present. The choroid contains nerves and a variable number of melanocytes, related to race. The retina consists of a nerve fibre layer, peripheral ganglion cells, the bipolar cell layer, the photoreceptor cells and the retinal pigment epithelium. The thickness of the retina varies in different regions. The biconvex lens is a transparent structure, the form of which is easily altered by contraction of the ciliary muscles. The shape of the lens is maintained by the elastic lens capsule. In a fixed specimen the lens is rigid, caused by coagulation of the soluble crystallins. The inner surface of the anterior lens capsule is covered with a single layer of cuboidal epithelium. A loose framework of type II collagen containing mainly water and acid mucopolysac-charides forms the vitreous gel.

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