Inflammatory Processes

Enlargement of the lacrimal gland is often caused by chronic inflammatory processes that can have many different causes. When chronic dacryoadenitis is associated with enlargement of the salivary glands, it is called Mikulicz syndrome. Mikulicz syndrome can be caused by many different diseases like sarcoidosis, tu berculosis, mumps, malignant lymphoma and syphilis. The most frequent cause of Mikulicz syndrome is Mikulicz disease; the histology is similar to that of benign lymphoepithelial lesions seen in the salivary glands. Acute and chronic dacryocystitis and cana-liculitis are the result of inflammation, mostly nonspecific, of the lacrimal passages. It may lead to dac-ryolithiasis (stones in the lacrimal sac) and to lacrimal mucocele.

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