Idiopathic Pseudocystic Chondromalacia

Idiopathic pseudocystic chondromalacia occurs mainly in young and middle-aged adults. The gross appearance is one of a localised swelling of the auricular cartilage. A cut surface shows a well-defined cavity in the cartilage, which is distended with yellowish watery fluid [42]. Microscopically, the cavity shows a lining of degenerated cartilage on one surface (Fig. 8.2); on the other surface the cartilage is normal. It seems possible that the fluid is an exudate from undamaged perichondrial vessels that cannot be absorbed by the damaged perichondrial vessels. The association of this lesion with severe atopic eczema in four children [27] suggested that minor trauma from repeated rubbing of the auricle may play a part. Small pseudocysts of the elastic cartilage of the pinna may also be seen in the vicinity of inflammatory or neoplastic lesions of that region.

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