Haemangiopericytoma Glomangiopericytoma

or elongated nuclei and pale cytoplasm (Fig. 2.6). The cells may also be arranged in short, haphazard fascicles or in sheets of closely packed cells containing compressed capillaries. Areas of poor cellularity, myxoid change and fibrosis are not uncommon. The tumour cells are entirely situated outside the capillaries, which are lined by a single layer or normal-looking endothelium. This feature, well shown by reticulin staining or by anti-collagen IV antibodies, helps to distinguish the tumour from angiosarcoma. The distinction from other well-vascularised mesenchymal tumours is usually made by exclusion. Hae-mangiopericytomas of the nasal cavity are generally less aggressive than those occurring elsewhere. They exhibit a more orderly structure with minimal mitotic activity, but tend to recur after removal and may rarely metastasise [249]. Muscle-specific actin is focally positive in tumour cells. The term glomangiopericytoma has been recently proposed for this entity [267a].

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