Haemangiomas are vasoformative tumours that closely resemble normal vessels. They are amongst the most common soft tissue tumours and about a third of all cases involve the head and neck region. In this location congenital or neonatal lesions are relatively uncommon and tend to involve the lips and parotid glands. The majority of cases are seen in older individuals, and the most common sites are the lips and post-commissural buccal mucosa and the lateral border of the tongue. There is a male predominance of about 2:1. Haemangiomas typically form painless, flat or nodular, soft and purplish-red lesions. They are usually well circumscribed and may blanch on pressure. Congenital lesions behave like hamartomas and increase in size in proportion to general somatic growth and tend to stabilise in size in early adult life. Those presenting in older individuals may show slow but progressive growth over several years. Their classification and microscopic aspects are discussed in the section on soft tissue tumours in Chap. 2 [3, 48, 53, 170, 175, 181].

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