Extramedullary Plasmacytoma


Extraosseous plasmacytoma is a clonal proliferation of plasma cells forming a tumour at an extraosseous and extramedullary site. By definition, there is no evidence of plasma cell myeloma on bone marrow examination or by radiography [142]. The malignant plasma cells express monotypic cytoplasmic immunoglobulins, and plasma cell-associated antigens, with an absence of immature B-cell antigens [142, 389].

The majority of extraosseous plasmacytomas occur in the upper respiratory tract; among them, the larynx is involved in only 6-18%. An incidence of 1-5 plasmacytomas in 1,000 laryngeal tumours has been reported [269].

Laryngeal plasmacytoma is more frequent in males, with a mean age of 60 years. The epiglottis is the most common site of involvement, followed by the vocal cords, false cords, ventricles and the subglottis [183, 269, 270, 303, 378]. It generally presents as a solitary, submu-cosal lesion, or as a polypoid lesion. It may occasionally involve multiple sites in the larynx [269, 303].

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