Eosinophilic Angiocentric Fibrosis

Eosinophilic angiocentric fibrosis is a rare, chronic, benign, idiopathic condition of the upper respiratory tract occurring predominantly in adult women [214, 248]. Initially, the histologic picture is characterised by non-necrotising eosinophilic vasculitis involving capillaries and venules of the sinonasal mucosa, accompanied by an inflammatory infiltrate with lymphocytes, plasma cells, histiocytes and occasional neutrophils [214]. In late lesions there is a characteristic obliterative perivascular onion-skin fibrosis, while the inflammatory infiltrate is less dense and eosinophils predominate [214]. The differential diagnosis includes reactive processes of the si-nonasal mucosa, like Wegener's granulomatosis, Churg-Strauss syndrome, Kimura disease, and angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia.

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