Chronic Marginal Gingivitis and Localised Gingival Fibrous Hyperplasia

Chronic marginal gingivitis of variable degree is so common as to be almost universal. It represents a response of the gingival tissues to accumulation of dental microbial plaque around the teeth. If left untreated the inflammation can become more severe and extend into the underlying periodontal tissues causing loss of peri-odontal ligament attachment and a pocket develops between the tooth and the overlying gingiva exacerbating the tendency for plaque accumulation. Eventually, there is progressive resorption of the supporting alveolar bone leading to loosening or loss of the tooth.

Chronic marginal gingivitis is characterised microscopically by mild vascular hyperaemia and dense chronic inflammatory infiltration. The crevicular epithelium is ulcerated and may become hyperplastic with thin, irregular and anastomosing processes extending into the gingival connective tissue. There may be consid

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