Benign Tumours and Pseudotumours

Giant cell fibroma is an unusual but distinctive type of fibrous overgrowth. It is typically less than 5 mm in diameter and usually presents as a pedunculated polyp with a lobulated surface. Most are seen in the first three decades of life. Although they can form anywhere in the oral mucosa, about half of cases are seen on the gingiva [79].

Microscopically, they consist of interweaving bundles of collagenous connective tissue with a prominent capillary network that surround stellate or angular fibroblas-tic giant cells with large vesicular nuclei (Fig. 3.20). Occasional cells may have several nuclei. These cells may have conspicuous dendritic processes and some contain melanin pigment. The giant cells are positive for vimen-tin, but negative for S-100, cytokeratin, leukocyte common antigen and neurofilament [107]. Conservative surgical excision is usually curative.

Mole Removal

Mole Removal

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