And Lacrimal Passages

The intra-ocular tissue is formed by the uveal tract, the retina, the lens and the vitreous gel. The uveal tract consists of highly vascularised, loosely arranged stro-ma, which can be found in all three parts of the tract: the iris, the ciliary body and the choroid. In the iris, in addition to the stroma, the pigment epithelium and

The pale brown and ovoid lacrimal gland is located in the upper outer orbit. The large ducts pass through the conjunctival epithelium into the superior fornix. The tear fluids drain into the canaliculi, ending in the lacrimal sac. The secretory gland is composed of lobular grouped acini, secreting solutes and glycosaminogly-cans. The drainage system consists of ductules, formed by epithelial cells surrounded by myoepithelium. The canaliculi are covered with stratified epithelium, while the lacrimal sac is covered with columnar epithelium.

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