In spite of rather prominent salivary gland tissue in the supraglottic and subglottic larynx, laryngeal adeno-carcinoma is rare, accounting for 1% of all laryngeal neoplasms [3, 25, 347]. The majority of laryngeal adenocarcinomas are of the salivary gland type. The most common types are adenoid cystic carcinoma and muco-epidermoid carcinoma. Rare examples of other types of adenocarcinoma have been also described in the larynx, such as acinic cell carcinoma [306], clear cell carcinoma [262], malignant myoepithelioma [168], epithelial-myo-epithelial carcinoma [240], salivary duct carcinoma [109], etc.

The aetiology is unknown, although exposure to asbestos or lead, alcohol abuse, viral infections, ionising radiation and genetic risk factors have been implicated as possible aetiologic factors [221].

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