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Have you wanted to work a job that does not require you to come in at certain hours just to allow you to keep it? Would you rather make more money doing something that is more interesting than spending a lot of time in a cubicle? This is the solution for you: become an expert in scrap gold! Gold is historically one of the most stable investments, so your market is not going under any time soon! You will learn how to start dealing in scrap gold and how to start your business for less than $50! You will also learn how to test the gold that you come across so that you don't get ripped off. You will learn how to trade peoples gold for cash, and how to find gold in the first place. Start making your own business that deals in the most secure investment of all time! Read more...

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Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis

When 6-week-old Lewis rats are injected subcutaneously with myelin basic protein (the most abundant constituent of CNS myelin), they invariably become paralyzed between 8 and 12 days. This monophasic illness often is fatal. At autopsy, the brain and spinal cord of these animals shows an abundant perivenous infiltrate of T lymphocytes. Since the initial description of this animal model, EAE has been a gold mine for immu-nologists and students as a model of the induction of the immune response. Unfortunately for neurologists, the rapid course of EAE, with its high death rate, no recurrence, and no demyelination cannot be recognized as mimicking MS. It looks much more similar to acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), whether postviral, postvaccinal, or induced by the old type of antirabies vaccination. Investigators more interested in the etiology of MS have varied all parameters of the animal model, going back to the original experiments, which used daily IV injections in monkeys...

Small number of observable compounds on MRS revealed with FFT

Perhaps the most notable of these is choline, which is the metabolite used most commonly for brain tumor diagnosis, but, as discussed, can also be elevated in infiltrative processes, sub-acute and chronic ischemia, encephalitis, demyelinization, Alzheimer's disease, and epilepsy, inter alia. Indeed, as noted by Danielsen and Ross 14 despite the 'gold mine' of clinical information that is to be gleaned from observation of alterations in the choline peak in MRS it is still the least well-understood in terms of its neuro-chemistry (p. 36). The choline peak seen on in vivo MRS is mainly comprised of phosphorylcholine and glycerophosphorylcholine, whereas phosphatidyl-choline, the major choline metabolite in the brain is MR-invisible 14 .


Significant sighting In January 1960, a local man encountered a Kikomba along a path near the Umate gold mine in a mountainous area of Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Charles Cordier drove 45 miles to the spot, where he found a humanlike footprint 8 inches long. Another time, near Tulakwa, he found several tracks 12 inches long. Possible explanations

Noxious Theories

Chimney sweepers, manufacturers of coal gas Insulation workers, shipyard workers Underground miners for uranium or fluorspar Ion-exchange resin manufacturers Poison gas manufacturers Flight attendants, bar tenders Rubber workers, manufacturers of coal gas Chemical workers PVC manufacturers Workers with glues or varnishes Luminous dial painters Sheep dip makers, gold miners, vineyard workers, ore smelters

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