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Although the evidence of the physical benefits of weight loss is sustained and unequivocal, arguably, it is improvements in the quality of life that are more significant for the obese individual with Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes itself is a chronic condition, which severely affects daily living. It is estimated that the average person with diabetes is willing to trade away 12% of his remaining life in return for a diabetes-free health state (35). For many with Type 2 diabetes, this is further compounded by the burden of obesity. Compared to the general population, obese subjects report significantly worse physical, social and role functioning and worse perceived general health, with the morbidly obese experiencing greater distress than the moderately to severely obese. In addition, the obese also report significantly greater disability due to bodily pain than patients with other chronic medical conditions (36). Encouragingly, a trial of 13 weeks weight loss treatment resulting in a mean weight loss of 8.6 + 2.8 kg showed significant improvements in all of these domains.

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