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As most women with GDM are obese and all have at least one child at increased risk of adolescent obesity and diabetes, providing dietary education and advice that extends beyond the pregnancy is extremely important. Lifestyle changes encompassing diet and exercise have been shown to reduce the risk of GDM in subsequent pregnancies as well as delaying the progression to Type 2

diabetes (59,95,96). Women with a history of GDM are an ideal group to target, not only because of their own heightened risk of future diabetes (97,98) but to ensure a healthy lifestyle within the family unit, hence reducing the risk of obesity and future diabetes in the children also.

Ideally all women with GDM should receive lifestyle advice and education in pregnancy that is relevant to after pregnancy. It will be an important challenge to find methods of delivering dietetic education and advice both effectively and cheaply to enable all women with GDM to receive the necessary ongoing support and care they require after pregnancy in the community.

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