Cryptosporidium sp.

Facultative pathogen



Entamoeba spp., Giardia spp. Facultative pathogen

Various target sequences


years. One exception is an industrial collaboration between Affymetrix and bio-Merieux to develop arrays to identify pathogens and drug resistance genes in human samples. The field has recently received further public attention when a viral-typing microarray was set up to confirm the identity of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus [50]. Although relatively simple in concept, DNA microarrays are powerful tools for pathogen detection and characterization [51]. Direct detection of nucleic acids from bacteria is feasible, but may lack the level of sensitivity needed for routine screening of diagnostic samples. When the amount of nucleic acid is not limiting, however, microarrays may prove very valuable as a fingerprinting tool and as a tool for marker discovery. Coupled to PCR, microarrays have detection sensitivity equal to conventional methods with the added flexibility needed for discriminating multiple PCR reactions and for pathogen detection based on 16S-rDNA sequence.

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