Bovis Group Streptococcus bovis and Streptococcus suis

Both Streptococcus bovis and Streptococcus suis are classified as group D streptococci. S. suis is a pathogen of both pigs and humans, causing meningitis where pigs and humans are in close contact. The genome sequence of S. suis is in progress (Table 8.2). A number of virulence factors have been identified in virulent isolates of S. suis, including suilysin (a cholesterol binding cytolysin), MRP (murami-dase-released protein), and EF (extracellular protein) [52]. Bacteriophages have been isolated from both S. bovis and S. suis [53-56]; however, any role that these elements play in the dissemination of virulence genes or horizontal transfer is unknown.

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