3 Fig. 3.6 Dynamics of protein synthesis profiles of growing and glucose-starved cells of B. subtilis. A Individual dual-channel 2-D patterns of protein synthesis and accumulation recorded during the different phases of the growth curve are assembled into a "life movie." B Growth curve (optical density at 500 nm) and 35S-l-methionine incorporation (million cpm per 60ig protein). C Patterns of selected examples representing different branches of cellular physiology. Sample points correspond to the following growth phases depicted are shown in the growth curve: 1, 2, exponential growth; 3-7, glucose starvation; 8, 9, recovery of growth after readdition of glucose. The bar graphs on the left display normalized relative synthesis rates of the individual proteins at the different time points. (This figure also appears with the color plates.)

that nitrofurantoin induces oxidative stress in the cell [16]. In collaboration with the Bayer company, we have established a comprehensive antibiotics proteomic signature library. By using this library combined with the stress/starvation signature library, it is possible to predict the molecular action mechanisms of unknown drugs. To give two examples: phenyl-thiazolylurea-sulfonamides showed a proteomic signature of stringent control induced by amino acid starvation [17], while substance Bay 50-2369 showed the same signature as chloramphenicol does, strongly suggesting that the peptidyl transferase is the target protein for the substance [18-20].

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