Comparative Genomics Diversity of the Species L pneumophila

The comparison of the L. pneumophila genomes allows us to detect both conserved and strain-specific characteristics, to identify genomic rearrangements, and to further our knowledge of the evolutionary mechanisms shaping this organism. Whole-sequence alignment of the genomes of strains Paris, Lens, and Philadelphia 1 shows that the three genomes have the same overall organization (Fig. 15.2). The global synteny is disrupted only once by a 260-kbp inversion in strain Lens with respect to the other two genomes. However, closer comparison reveals many smaller regions that differ in their chromosomal location among the three strains, which are specific to one or the other strain or differ in part in gene content. Thus, another important feature identified through genome comparisons of the three sequenced strains is marked plasticity and high genetic diversity, which may enhance the versatility of L. pneumophila.

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