Constructed in part from the glossary in Primer on Molecular Genetics, U. S. Dept. of Energy,

Human Genome Project, 1992.

Alternative Splicing Product

Variation in the way pre-mRNA is spliced together. Introns are typically spliced from pre-mRNA and the remaining exons are pieced together to form a contiguous transcript of mRNA (see Exon). However, the same set of introns may not always be spliced out, and the resultant mRNA may have a different combination of introns and exons. These alternative versions of the mRNA result in different downstream proteins being formed (alternative splicing products). Alternative splicing products are only one reason why the number of gene products is much larger than the number of genes. It is also a reason why an oligonucleotide designed to hybridize with a subsegment of transcription products of a particular gene may fail to measure the transcription of that gene.

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