Giant Hominid of western Siberia.

Etymology: Khanty (Uralic), "land surveyor."

Physical description: Height, over 6 feet. Glowing eyes.

Behavior: Walks with long steps. Follows a migratory path.

Distribution: Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Province, Siberia.

Significant sighting: Sometime before 1917, teacher Marfa Senkina was staying with Khanty people at the village of Puyko on the Ob' River, Yamal-Nenets Province. When she asked why their dogs were barking ferociously on several nights in September, she was told the Zemlemer was about. One night, she saw it, about 8 feet tall with glowing eyes, walking swiftly outside and confronted by barking dogs. When one attacked, it picked the dog up and hurled it through the air.

Source: Dmitri Bayanov, In the Footsteps of the Russian Snowman (Moscow: Crypto-Logos, 1996), pp. 127-128.

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