WlLDMAN of Northern Europe.

Etymology: Komi-Zyrian (Uralic), "pine forest man."

Physical description: Light gray body-hair. Height, 5 feet 6 inches—6 feet 6 inches tall. Glowing eyes. Females have large, pendulous breasts. Arms are longer than a human's.

Behavior: Swims. Has a consonantal language. Can mimic human voices. High-pitched, metallic laughter. Sleeps in caves. Fond of horses, sometimes visiting stables. Apparently can make fire from pounding stones.

Tracks: Humanlike and flat-footed, 12.5 inches long, 5 inches wide in the ball area, and 4 inches wide at the heel. Stride, 3 feet. Tips of toes incline downward as if clutching the earth.

Distribution: Komi Republic south through the Perm' and Kirov regions, Russia.

Significant sightings: In 1920, some villagers of Ust'-Tsil'ma, Komi Republic, Russia, were stacking hay near the Tsil'm River when they saw two humanlike figures. One was small and black, the other was gray and white and nearly 7 feet tall. They ran off, the smaller one seemingly chasing the larger one.

Fourteen-year-old Alexander Katayev watched, at close range, a male and female Wildman eating and talking by the Chusovaya River in August 1974. The female was pregnant, and they were eating something from a birch-bark container. When they were done, they swam across the river and climbed a steep cliff.

In August 1986, a Yagmort opened the door of a hut in which Valentin Lytkin and other haymowers were sleeping, in the Timenskoye Ridge area, Komi Republic.

Two groups of hunters reported sighting a Yet near Sovetsk, Kirov region, in August 1999. Other sightings have prompted the Kirov regional environmental agency to take an interest in this cryptid.

Sources: Vladimir Pushkarev, "Nevye svide-tel'stra," Tekhnika molodezhi 1978, no. 6, pp. 48—52; Myra Shackley, Still Living? Yeti, Sasquatch and the Neanderthal Enigma (New York: Thames and Hudson, 1983), pp. 127—130; Dmitri Bayanov, In the Footsteps of the Russian Snowman (Moscow: Crypto-Logos, 1996), pp. 181—189; "Other Cryptozoology

News," Cryptozoology Review 4, no. 1 (Summer 2000): 8.

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