Yabalik Adam

WlLDMAN of Central Asia.

Etymology: Unknown, probably a Turkic word, presumed to mean "wild man."

Variant names: Yaboi-adam, Yavan-adam, Yavo-khal'g.

Physical description: Yellowish body hair. Thumb is close to the fingers. Feet are broader than a human's.

Behavior: Moves easily in the mountains. Turns around to face its pursuers, uttering guttural cries. Chinese informants claim that it hurls large stones as weapons and moults in April.

Distribution: Pamir and Kunlun Mountains, in the area where Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China meet.

Significant sighting: Around 1912, hunters captured a wildman in the mountains, brought it into a village, and fed it raw meat. After the news reached Taxkorgon, Chinese authorities came and took the creature away.

Source: Bernard Heuvelmans and Boris F. Porshnev, L'homme de Neanderthal est toujours vivant (Paris: Plon, 1974), pp. 139-140.

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