Woolly Cheetah

Unrecognized big CAT of South Africa.

Scientific name: Felis lanea, proposed by Philip L. Sclater in 1877.

P^hysical description: Like the common cheetah but with a thicker body and tail and shorter limbs. Woolly, dense fur. Covered with roundish brown blotches instead of spots. "Tear line" missing around eye. Nonretractile claws.

Distribution: Great Karoo, Western Cape Province, South Africa; Lebombo Mountains, Swaziland.

Significant sightings: In 1877, Philip Sclater announced that the London Zoo had acquired an unusual-looking male cheetah from Beaufort West, South Africa. It had stouter limbs and a thicker tail than a normal cheetah. Sclater recorded receiving a similar skin in 1884, again from Beaufort West, that was smaller and almost as densely furred.

P-'ossible explanation: A genetic mutation of the common Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) that may be a species adaptation in progress. Lena Bottriell has suggested a partial albino morph. Others have suggested an erythritic or chinchilla albino morph.

Sources: Philip Lutley Sclater, "Felis lanea (Description of the Woolly Cheetah)," Proceedings of the Zoological Society ofLondon, June 19, 1877, pp. 532-534; Philip Lutley

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