Wolf Deer

Mystery animal of the midwestern United States with characteristics of both a DOG and a deerlike Hoofed Mammal.

Physical description: Larger than a dog. Weight, 50-60 pounds. Short, red-brown hair. Deerlike head. Small, pointed ears. Thin legs like a deer. Bushy black tail like a horse's.

Behavior: Apparently unafraid of humans or guns.

Distribution: Western Oklahoma and western Minnesota.

Significant sightings: In 1951, Mrs. Lawrence


Laub saw a "cross between a wolf and a deer" on her ranch near Calumet, oklahoma. She threw a stick at it, but it wouldn't run away. Neighbors reported strange tracks.

On March 21, 1971, D. R. Clark and H. H. Christensen were driving 8 miles northwest of Canby, Minnesota, when they spotted an odd-looking deer near Florida Creek. Clark got out of the car, yelled, and waved his arms, but the animal ignored him. He fired shots near it, but it only walked a few feet away and lay down.

P^resent status: Only two known sightings.

P^ossible explanation: A bizarrely deformed deer.

Source: Jerome Clark, "A Message from Magonia," Fortean Times, no. 8 (February 1975): 5-6.

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