Mystery tigerlike Cat of East Africa. Etymology: Amharic (Semitic) word. Variant names: Abu sotan (in Sudan), Beast of Bungoma (in Kenya), Mendelit (Tigrinya/ Semitic).

PP'hysical description: Larger than a lion. Yellow-brown or gray-brown color. Black blotches or stripes.

Habitat: Rocky mountains. Distribution: Ethiopia and Sudan; possibly western Kenya.

Significant sightings: Theodor von Heuglin was told in 1862 that a skin of this cat had hung for many years in the cathedral of Eifag.

A mystery cat with a tiger's head, a leopard's spots, and a lion's claws went on a livestock-killing spree in Kenya in 1974.

Sources: Theodor von Heuglin, Reise nach Abessinien, den Gala-Ländern, Ost-Sudan und Chartum in den Jahren 1861 und 1862 (Jena, Germany: H. Costenoble, 1868); Theodor von Heuglin, Reise in Nordost-Afrika (Braunschweig, Germany: G. Westermann, 1877), vol. 2; C. A. W. Guggisberg, Simba, the Life of the Lion (Cape Town, South Africa: H. Timmins, 1961); Karl Shuker, Mystery Cats ofthe World (London: Robert Hale, 1989), pp. 141-142.

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