Woaddel Uma

WlLDMAN of North Africa.

Etymology: Arabic, "son of the mother."

Variant names: Amanit.

Physical description: Size of a human. Covered in reddish-brown hair. Females have breasts.

Behavior: Aquatic. Walks erect. Said to live in the river or adjacent lakes and go on land only before the periodic floods. Eats fruits.

Tracks: Length, 10 inches. Four long, narrow toes and a large, fully opposed toe. Prints are 3 feet apart, but the feet are pointed at a 70-degree angle oblique to the direction of travel, as if it progressed by lateral leaps.

Distribution: Nile River, northern Sudan.

Significant sighting: On June 17, 1832, Joseph Russegger found unusual tracks made during the previous night in the sand along the Nile River near the third cataract. They emerged from the water, approached Russeg-ger's camp, and returned to the river after traversing some rough and marshy terrain.

Sources: Joseph Russegger, Reisen in Europa, Asien undAfrika (Stuttgart, Germany: E.

Schweizerbart, 1841-1849), vol. 2, pp. 53-56; Baron Johann Wilhelm von Müller, Fliegende Blätter aus meinem Tagebuche (Stuttgart, Germany: Hofbuchdruckerei zu Gutenberg, 1851), pp. 57-61.

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