Venezuelan Monitor

Unknown LIZARD of South America. Physical description: Large monitor lizard. Distribution: Galeras de El Pao, in Guarico and Cojedes States, Venezuela; near Angel Falls, Bolivar State, Venezuela; the Cerro Santa Ana, Peninsula de Paraguana, Falcon State, Venezuela.

Significant sightings: A prospector from Caracas told ecologist Léon Croizat in 1972 that a large lizard resembling a Komodo dragon lived in the Galeras de El Pao.


Herpetologist J. B. Graham saw a large, unknown lizard near the base of the Cerro Santa Ana in 1976 or 1977.

Sources: Silvano Lorenzoni, "More on Extant Dinosaurs," Pursuit, no. 47 (Summer 1979): 105-109; Silvano Lorenzoni (letter), Pursuit, no. 50 (Spring 1980): 95.

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