WlLDMAN of Eastern Europe.

Etymology: Possibly from the Slavonic vedeti ("to know, wise"). Also said to mean "forest man" in Croatian. Plural, Vedi.

Variant name: Ved'ma ("witch"). Physical description: Covered with hair. Tall. Behavior: Lives in houses in the woods. Wears ragged clothing. Often forms relationships with people or families and helps them around the house.

Distribution: Bilogora Mountains, between Bjelovar and Kalinovac, Croatia.

Present status: Stories about the Ved died out after World War I.

Source: Zvonko Lovrencevic, "Creatures from the Bilogora in Northern Croatia," in Vladimir Markotic and Grover Krantz, eds., The Sasquatch and Other Unknown Hominoids (Calgary, Alta., Canada: Western Publishers, 1984), pp. 266-273.

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