Tribe of WlLDMEN of South Africa.

Physical description: Human but only has two ostrichlike toes.

Behavior: Swift runner. Climbs trees easily. Distribution: Zambezi River valley, northern Zimbabwe.

Possible explanation: The Vadoma are a group of about thirty formerly seminomadic families living in the Zambezi Valley. Apparently, the congenital deformity of bidactyly, wherein only the first and fifth toes or fingers develop, occurs with some regularity due to inbreeding and has perpetuated the myth of a two-toed tribe.

Sources: R. S. Roberts, "The Making of a Rhodesian Myth," Rhodesian History 5 (1974): 89-92; M. Gelfand, C. J. Roberts, and R. S. Roberts, "A Two-Toed Man from the Doma People of the Zambezi Valley," Rhodesian History 5 (1974): 93-94; Bernard Heuvelmans, Les bĂȘtes humaines d'Afrique (Paris: Plon, 1980), pp. 87-105.

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