WlLDMAN of Scotland.

Etymology: From the Scots Gaelic ùruisg ("spirit"). Also denotes a soothsayer or savage-looking fellow.

Variant name: Peallaidh (especially at Aber-feldy).

Physical description: Half human, half goat. Covered with hair.

Behavior: Partially supernatural and related to

Fairies. Solitary. Enjoys humans but scares them with its wild appearance. Sometimes agrees to perform household tasks for people. Likes dairy products. Follows travelers at night.

Habitat: Waterfalls and lakes.

Distribution: Said to assemble at the Goblin's Cave (Coire-nan-Uriskin), at the northern base of Ben Venue, near Aberfoyle, Perth, Scotland. Every Scottish manor house is said to have its resident Urisk.

Sources: Patrick Graham, Sketches of Perthshire (Edinburgh: J. Ballantyne, 1812); Donald A. Mackenzie, Scottish Folk-Lore and Folk Life (London: Blackie, 1935); Katharine M. Briggs, A Dictionary ofFairies (London: Allen Lane, 1976), pp. 322, 420; James MacKillop, Dictionary ofCeltic Mythology (New York: Oxford University Press, 1998), p. 424.

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