True Giant

Term used by Mark A. Hall to distinguish the truly large GIANT Hominids from the smaller Neo-Giant (Bigfoot), the Taller Hominid, and the SHORTER HOMINID. Some Native American Cannibal Giant traditions are incorporated in this definition.

Variant names: Big Grey Man, Curin-QUEAN, Giant hairy ape, GlLYUK, Jogung, Kung-Lu, Man mountain, Nyalmo, Orang Gadang, Pitt Lake Giant, Quinkin.

Physical description: Lean body. Height, 10-20 feet. Covered with reddish-brown or dark-brown hair, longer on the head and thinner on the arms. Flat face. No neck. Large hands.

Tracks: Four-toed. Length, 9-30 inches. Width, 3.5-15 inches.

Distribution: Alaska; western Canada; Washington; Oregon; Montana; Wyoming; California; Pennsylvania; South Carolina; Georgia; Mississippi; Texas; Brazil; Malaysia; Myanmar; Nepal; Tibet; India; Australia; Ballachulish, Scotland.

Significant sightings: One of the first reports in North America was of giant footprints, 18 inches long and 9 inches wide, found in the Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia, sometime prior to 1829. The stride was just over 6 feet. Shortly after hearing this account, nine hunters from Florida set off, determined to find the maker of the tracks. The party was attacked by a 13-foot giant that they managed to shoot and kill—but not before it did away with five of them. No witness names were given in the newspaper account of this incident.

On August 20, 1977, Fred C. Wilson, two other airmen from Malmstrom Air Force Base, and two young adults were camping in Belt Creek Canyon, Montana, when they were chased to their car by a 15-foot hairy giant. It had an oblong head, flat nose, and canine teeth.

Possible explanation: Hall believes that an evolved Gigantopithecus, a Pleistocene ape that lived in Asia as recently as 500,000 years ago, accounts for the True giant. Its estimated height was 9-10 feet, and its estimated weight was 900-1,200 pounds. However, no weight-bearing bones have been recovered, and it is possible that the animal's teeth and jaws were disproportionate to its body size.

Sources: Vincennes (Ind.) Western Sun and General Advertiser, June 6, 1829, p. 4; Roger Patterson, Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist? (Yakima, Wash.: Franklin, 1966), p. 137; Mark A. Hall, "True Giants (or, Gigantopithecus Is Alive and Taller than You Think)," Wonders 1, no. 2 (June 1992): 11-23; Mark A. Hall, "True Giants around the World," Wonders 1, no. 3 (September 1992): 31-47; Mark A. Hall, "Encounters with True Giants, 1829-1994," Wonders 4, no. 3 (September 1995): 63-79; Mark A. Hall, The Yeti, Bigfoot and True Giants (Minneapolis, Minn.: Mark A. Hall, 1997), pp. 61-92.

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