Legendary Giant Hominid of Northern Europe.

Etymology: Old Icelandic and Norwegian, "giant."

Variant names: Gryla (in Iceland), Jotul, Jotun, Jutul, Rise, Trold-folk, Trow (in Shetland and Orkney Islands).

Physical description: Originally a gigantic human, but later (especially in Sweden and Denmark), it was considered to be a small, dwarfish being. Dark skin. Hairy. Said to have as many as three heads. Large eyes. Long, crooked nose.

Behavior: Active at night and in the winter. Very strong. Turns into a rock if the sun shines on it. Naive. Said to eat human flesh. Not known to use handmade weapons, just trees and rocks. Wears animal skins.

Habitat: Mountains and caves.

Distribution: Scandinavia; Iceland; the Shetland and Orkney Islands, Scotland.

Present status: Probably extinct. The last Trolls are said to have been seen in Vestfirdir, Iceland, in the mid-eighteenth century.

PP'ossible explanation: Folk memories of a prehistoric European race, according to G. O. Hyltén-Cavallius.

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