Freshwater Monster of South America.

Etymology: Araucanian word, "mysterious animal hide" or "devil's hide."

Variant name: Cuero.

Physical description: Circular and flat. Claws or eyes form a ring around the edge.

Behavior: Basks in the sun on the bank.

Distribution: Chile.

Possible explanation: Some type of Freshwater Octopus.

Sources: Julio Vicuña-Cifuentes, Mitos y supersticiones recogidos de la tradicion oral Chilena (Santiago de Chile: Universitaria, 1915), pp. 38-39; Elisabeth Gerdts-Rupp, Magische Vorstellungen und Bräuche der Araukaner im Spiegel spanischer Quellen seit der Conquista (Hamburg, Germany: C. Behre, 1937), pp. 51-52, 83-84.

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