Traverspine Gorilla

North American Ape of eastern Canada.

Physical description: Apelike. Height, 7 feet. White hair along the top of its head. Long arms.

Behavior: Walks bipedally and on all fours. Tears the bark off trees. Roots in rotten logs for grubs. Uses a stick as a weapon.

Tracks: Two huge, round toes. Length, 12 inches. Narrow heel. Very deep impression.

Distribution: Mouth of the Traverspine River, Labrador.

Significant sighting: Sometime between 1908 and 1913, a giant ape scared some girls playing at the homestead of a family named Michelin near Goose Bay, Labrador. it eluded hunters and left tracks in the mud, sand, and snow, lingering for two winters. Earlier incidents may have taken place in the late nineteenth century.

Sources: Lionel A. D. Leslie, Wilderness Trails in Three Continents (London: Heath Cranton, 1931), pp. 197-198; Elliott Merrick, True North (New York: Charles Scribner and Sons, 1933), pp. 24-26; Bruce S. Wright, Wildlife Sketches, Near and Far (Fredericton, N.B., Canada: Brunswick Press, 1962); David J. Hufford, "Humanoids and Anomalous Lights: Taxonomic and Epistemological Problems," Fabula 18 (1977): 234-241.

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