Black Dog of northern England.

Etymology: Named after the sound its feet make, as if on a muddy road.

Variant names: Guytrash (in West Yorkshire), Gytrash, Padfoot (near Leeds), Skriker ("screamer," in Lancashire), Striker.

Physical description: Large dog the size of a sheep or lion. Eyes are like saucers. Shaggy coat. Large feet.

Behavior: Screams. Walks backward in front of people. Said to drag a chain. Vanishes when the witness stops paying attention.

Distribution: Lancashire and Yorkshire. Sources: "'Trash' or 'Striker,'" Notes and Queries, ser. 1, 2 (1850): 52-53; William Henderson, Notes on the Folk Lore of the Northern Counties of England and the Borders (London: Longmans, Green, 1866), pp. 237-238, 273-274; James Bowker, Goblin Tales of Lancashire (London: W. Swan Sonnenschein, 1878); John Harland and T. T. Wilkinson, Lancashire Folk-lore (Manchester, England: John Heywood, 1882), p. 91; Katharine M. Briggs, A Dictionary of Fairies (London: Allen Lane, 1976), pp. 321, 370, 412.

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