Little People of South Africa.

Etymology: Zulu (Bantu) word; plural, Tokoloshe.

Variant names: Abominable veldman, Gi-likanqo, Hili, Thikolosh, Tikalosh, Tikolosh (Xhosa/Bantu), Tokkeloss (Afrikaans).

Physical description: Baboonlike. Height, 3-4 feet. Covered in hair, including the face. Long penis.

Behavior: Extremely strong. Speaks with a lisp. Wears animal skins for clothes. Said to be visible to children but not adults. Strong sexual appetite. Blamed for all sorts of mischief, from thefts to sexual infidelity and even poltergeist phenomena. Associated with witchcraft and black magic. People are said to acquire Tokoloshes and use them to steal grain from their neighbors.

Habitat: Banks of rivers.

Distribution: Mozambique; Zimbabwe; Northern and KwaZulu-Natal Provinces, South Africa.

Possible explanation: A mythical, supernatural trickster figure similar to the European Fairy, though more malevolent.

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