Unknown tapirlike HOOFED MAMMAL of Southeast Asia.

Etymology: A portmanteau word derived from tiger, lion, bird, and goat.

Physical description: Said to have a body like a tiger's (stripes?), a neck like a lion's (a mane?), an elephant-like trunk, ears like a cow's, a beard and legs like a goat's, and claws like a chicken's (hooves?).

Distribution: Borneo, Indonesia.

Significant sighting: An animal of this description was captured in November 1975 and kept alive for a short time in a prison at Tenggarong, Kalimantan Timur Province, Indonesia.

Possible explanation: A juvenile Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus) is striped and has an elongated snout. Though tapirs supposedly died out in Borneo 10,000 years ago, Karl Shuker points out that there have been scattered, unconfirmed reports of this species on the island over the years. Short of a hoax, this explanation makes more sense than the existence of an impossible hybrid.

Sources: Tom Harrisson, "The Large Mammals of Borneo," Malayan Nature Journal


4 (1949): 70-76; Jan-Ove Sundberg, "The Kalimantan Monster," Pursuit 9 (Summer 1976): 66; Karl Shuker, In Search ofPrehistoric Survivors (London: Blandford, 1995), pp. 162-163.

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