Unknown Primate of the Indian subcontinent.

Variant names: Tanacht.

PP'hysical description: Size and shape of a tiger. Covered in tawny fur. Head-hair, blackish and frizzled. Face like a human's. Snub nose. Humanlike hands. Hind feet are like a tiger's. No tail.

Significant sighting: Some Indians from Bengal took this animal to the Red Sea as a curiosity, where André Thevet saw it in the sixteenth century.

PP'ossible explanations:

(1) The Slow loris (Nycticebus coucang) has only a stub of a tail, and its face looks humanlike. It lives in the rain forests of


northeast India. However, it's only about 15 inches long.

(2) A large lemur from Madagascar, such as the Indri (Indri indri) or the as yet unknown Tratratratra. Source: André Thevet, Cosmographie universelle (Paris: P. L'Huilier, 1575), bk. 2, chap. 10.

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