Freshwater Monster of Wales.

Etymology: After Llyn Tegid, the Welsh name for Bala Lake.

Variant name: Anghenfil. Physical description: Length, 8—12 feet. Dark-gray skin. Large head. Big eyes. Long neck. Humped back.

Distribution: Bala Lake, Gwynedd, Wales. Significant sightings: Former lake warden Dafydd Bowen got a glimpse of Teggie in 1975.

In early March 1995, Andrew and Paul De-laney were fishing when an animal came to within 80 yards of their boat. It raised a small head and 10-foot neck into the air.

Nick Taylor captured some footage of Teggie in 1997. The video shows a moving, pale-green head and hump.

PP'ossible explanation: Live seals were used in the lake during World War I for submarine-detection training. Some may have persisted.

Sources: Janet and Colin Bord, Ancient Mysteries ofBritain (London: Grafton, 1986); "Teggie and Other Beasts of Bala," Fortean Times, no. 82 (August-September 1995): 14; Karl Shuker, "Teggie and the Turk," Strange Magazine, no. 17 (Summer 1996): 25; John Kirk, In the Domain ofLake Monsters (Toronto, Canada: Key Porter, 1998), pp. 214-216.

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