Tapir Tiger

Mystery Cat of South America.

Variant name: Pamá-yawá (Shuar/Jivaroan), "tapir tiger."

Physical description: Length, 6 feet. Shoulder height, 4 feet. Dark-gray color. Enormous paws.

Behavior: Feeds on the South American tapir (Tapirus terrestris).

Distribution: Sangay National Park, Ecuador.

Significant sighting: Juan Bautista Rivadeneira watched a Pamá-yawá for ten minutes in 1969 on the Río Morona, Ecuador. It emerged from the river and walked along the sandy bank.

Source: Angel Morant Forés, "An Investigation into Some Unidentified Ecuadorian Mammals," October 1999, http:// perso.wanadoo.fr/cryptozoo/expeditions/ ecuador_eng.htm.

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