Taller Hominid

Term used by Mark A. Hall to distinguish a shorter Giant Hominid from the Neo-Giant (Bigfoot), the Shorter Hominid, and the True Giant. He includes in this category the Tornit, Maricoxi, Kul, and Chuchunaa. Physical description: Average height, 7 feet tall. Tracks: Length, 10-14.5 inches. Width, 3-5 inches. Slightly curved. Toes splayed.

Distribution: North and South America; Siberia.


Possible explanation: Hall assigns both Homo sapiens rhodesiensis and Homo gardarensis to this category. Rhodesiensis is the taxon assigned to the Middle Pleistocene cranium found in the 1920s at the Broken Hill Mine near Kabwe, Zambia. It is now more commonly designated as an archaic Homo sapiens fossil; the postcranial bones associated with it seem more modern than Neanderthal remains. Gardarensis is based on the 1920 discovery by F. C. C. Hansen of an apparently Neanderthaloid cranium at the Gar-dar Viking site in Igaliku, Greenland. However, the remains are now universally considered to be a medieval Norseman with acromegaly, a skull deformity caused by a malfunctioning pituitary gland. A femur associated with the Gardar skull indicates a height greater than 6 feet. Hall points out that the teeth do not show symptoms of acromegaly and theorizes that the specimen is a descendant of Homo ergaster, a hominid of approximately human size that lived 1.9-1.5 million years ago in East Africa.

Sources: F. C. C. Hansen, "Homo gardarensis," American-Scandinavian Review 19 (1931): 412-420; Kurt Broste and Knud Fischer-Moller, The Mediaeval Norsemen at Gardar: Anthropological Investigation (Copenhagen: C. A. Reitzel, 1944); Mark A. Hall, The Yeti, Bigfoot and True Giants (Minneapolis, Minn.: Mark A. Hall, 1997), pp. 37-39; Mark A. Hall, Living Fossils: The Survival of Homo gardarensis, Neandertal Man, and Homo erectus (Minneapolis, Minn.: Mark A. Hall, 1999), pp. 33-62.

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