Giant Humanoid of the eastern and central United States.

Etymology: Dakota (Siouan) word. Variant names: Allegwi, Alligewi, Talligewi. Physical description: Taller than the Indians. Behavior: Built cities and large fortifications. Distribution: Pennsylvania; Minnesota. Significant sighting: After a bitter war with the Delaware and Iroquois, the Tallegwi fled down the Ohio River to the Mississippi River. In Minnesota, they encountered the Dakotas, who exterminated them. Another tradition has their last stand at the Falls of the Ohio, Kentucky.

Possible explanation: A memory of the Hopewell people, who may have been chased out of the Ohio Valley by Algonquian and Siouan groups, perhaps around A.D. 500.

Source: Gerard Fowke, "Some Popular Errors in Regard to Mound Builders and Indians," Ohio Historical and Archaeological Society Quarterly 2 (1888): 380, 395-397.

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