Cannibal Giant of the northwestern United States.

Etymology: Umatilla and Yakima (Penutian), "stick Indians" or "spirit hiding in the woods." Plural, Ste-ye-hah'-ma.

Variant names: Stick-shower Indians, Stiya (Molala/Penutian).

Physical description: Covered with hair. Behavior: Nocturnal. Whistles. Throws sticks at people and pokes sticks inside Native American lodges.

Distribution: Northern Oregon; south-central Washington.

Sources: Bruce Rigsby, "Some Pacific Northwest Native Language Names for the Sasquatch Phenomenon," in Roderick Sprague and Grover S. Krantz, eds., The Scientist Looks at the Sasquatch, 2d ed. (Moscow: University of Idaho Press, 1979), pp. 31-37; Penutian Bigfoot Legends, htm.

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