Sea Monster of the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Etymology: Kwakiutl (Wakashan), "sea-wolf."

Variant names: Haietluk, Nikaseenithu-looyee, Pal Rai Yuk, Say-Noth-Kai, Sea Dog, Wasgo.

Physical description: Serpentine. Horned or crested. Large eyes. Prominent mouth with sharp teeth. Pair of front flippers. Dangerous dorsal fin. Long tail.

Distribution: Queen Charlotte Strait and Strait of Georgia, British Columbia.

Sources: Charles Marius Barbeau, "Haida Myths Illustrated in Argillite Carvings," Bulletin ofthe National Museum ofCanada, no. 127 (1953); Audrey Hawthorn, Kwakiutl Art (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1979); Michael D. Swords, "The Wasgo or Sisiutl: A Cryptozoological Sea-Animal of the Pacific Northwest Coast of the Americas," Journal of Scientific Exploration 5, no. 1 (1991): 85-101.

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