Freshwater Monster of British Columbia, Canada.

Etymology: After Shuswap Lake. Variant names: Shoosy, Sicopogo, Ta-zam-a (Shuswap/Salishan, "water bear"), Ta-zum-a.

Physical description: Like a gigantic eel. Length, 20-30 feet. Glossy black. Seven humps.

Behavior: Swims at 10 miles per hour. Churns the water fiercely.

Distribution: Shuswap Lake, British Columbia. Significant sightings: A Shuswap Indian from Squilax is said to have killed a Ta-zam-a in 1904

and sold the skin in Enderby for $60. The animal was as large as a grizzly bear and had hair 4 inches long. Its feet were 12 inches long and looked like a mole's.

On July 12, 1948, a huge animal surfaced near the boat of C. Dew and nearly upset it. On July 27, D. Sinclair saw what seemed to be one of his black steers in the water. When he approached, it dived swiftly and disappeared.

Richard Medley saw a brown hump off the southern shore of the lake in August 1962.

On June 3, 1984, Linda Griffiths and her children saw a 25-foot, serpentine animal with seven humps churning up the water.

Sources: Editorial, California Native Voice, October 1948; Mary Moon, Ogopogo (Vancouver, Canada: J. J. Douglas, 1977), pp. 151-152; "Who's Your Insurance Company?" ISC Newsletter 5, no. 1 (Spring 1986): 9-10; John Kirk, In the Domain ofLake Monsters (Toronto, Canada: Key Porter Books, 1998), pp. 183-184.

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