Shorter Hominid

This term is used by Mark A. Hall to distinguish the shorter Giant Hominid from the Neo-Giant (Bigfoot), the Taller Hominid, the TRUE GIANT, and the Homo erectus LEAST Ho-MINID. He includes in this category the NAKANI and Gul.

Variant name: Neanderthaloid hominid.

Physical description: Average height, 5 feet tall.

Tracks: Length, 7-15 inches. Width, 4-8 inches. Big toe angles outward. Toes approximately the same size and separated from each other.

Distribution: West and Central Asia; North America.

Possible explanation: Hall identifies this category as surviving Neanderthals (Homo nean-derthalensis), a group of hominids that flourished in Europe and West Asia until about

50,000-35,000 years ago. According to recent DNA studies, they are not directly ancestral to modern humans; however, since the two types coexisted at some point, there may have been cultural and genetic exchanges. European male Neanderthals averaged 5 feet 6 inches tall; females averaged 5 feet 3 inches. Neanderthals had heavy, arching browridges; sloping foreheads; broad, flat noses; protruding faces; robust bodies with well-developed muscles; and relatively long thighs and upper arms. Like earlier hominids, they walked upright. Neanderthal fossils are found from Wales south to Gibraltar and east through the Middle East to Uzbekistan; none have been discovered in the Americas or Africa.

Sources: Mark A. Hall, "Patterson's Bigfoot," Wonders 3, no. 2 (June 1994): 33-50; Mark A. Hall, Living Fossils: The Survival of Homo gardarensis, Neandertal Man, and Homo erectus (Minneapolis, Minn.: Mark A. Hall, 1999), pp. 87-94.

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