Merbeing of South America.

Etymology: Araucanian, "lord of the waters."

Variant names: Konilafquen, Kurupillan, Nguenko.

Physical description: Small, egglike head. No neck.

Behavior: Sometimes said to kidnap children.

Distribution: Chile; South Pacific Ocean.

Significant sighting: On January 3, 1957, a sailor was on watch on Eric de Bisschop's raft, Tahiti-Nui, in the South Pacific when he heard something jump on board. He found a creature standing on its tail on the raft. It had seaweed on its hair. When the sailor touched it, it jumped into the ocean, leaving loose fish scales on his arm.

Sources: Eric de Bisschop, Tahiti-Nui (New York: McDowell, Obolensky, 1958); Berta Koessler, Tradiciones Araucanas (La Plata, Argentina: Universidad Nacional de La Plata, 1962), p. 197.

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