Sea Monk

Odd-looking Cephalopod or Fish.

Variant names: Jenny Haniver, Monachus marinus, Monkfish, Sea bishop.

Physical description: Sea animal with human features resembling a monk. Length, 8 feet. Head is like a man's, with a monk's tonsure. Body is a scarlet color with speckles. Upper body is covered by a cape. Two long fins instead of arms. Broad, bilobate tail. Behavior: Makes a sighing noise. Distribution: 0resund, Denmark. Significant sighting: In 1546, a monklike fish was caught in the 0resund Strait off Malmo, Sweden. It lived in captivity for three days. Possible explanations:

(1) A squid of some kind, possibly a small Architeuthis, suggested by Japetus Steenstrup in 1854.

(2) A curio manufactured from various sea creatures. Similar to a Jenny Haniver. Sources: Pierre Belon, L'histoire naturelle des etranges poissons marins (Paris: Regnaud

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