Schomburgks Deer

A surviving population of this deer (a Hoofed MAMMAL) has been reported in Laos. It has been presumed extinct in Thailand since 1932 because of hunting and habitat loss.

Scientific name: Cervus schomburgki, given by Blyth in 1863.

Physical description: Length, 6 feet. Shoulder height, 3 feet 6 inches. Chocolate-brown. Elaborately branched antlers with a large number of points (up to thirty-three).

Distribution: Laos. Formerly known from the Chao Phraya River valley, Thailand.

Significant sighting: Antlers were found in February 1991 by agronomist Laurent Chazee in a Laotian medicine shop whose owner said they came from a deer killed one year earlier in a nearby district.

Present status: The last known wild stag was killed in Thailand in September 1932 by a police officer. The last known captive specimen, an adult male kept as a pet at a temple in Samut Sakhon Province, Thailand, was killed by a drunken local in 1938.

Source: Gerard B. Schroering, "Swamp Deer Resurfaces," Wildlife Conservation, December 1995, p. 22.

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