Giant Hominid of northwestern North America, synonymous with Bigfoot.

Etymology: Coined by J. W. Burns in the 1920s as an anglicization of Sokqueatl or Soss-q'tal, Halkomelem (Salishan) words referring to a "timber giant" or Cannibal Giant.

Variant names: Sami 'Soq' wia'm (Chehalis/ Salishan), Saskehavis, Sokqueatl (Halkomelem/ Salishan), S'oq'wiam (Chehalis/Salishan), Soss-q'tal (Halkomelem/Salishan), Susquatch, Te Smai'etl Soqwaia'm (Chehalis/Salishan).

P^hysical description: Height, 7-8 feet. Covered with hair.

Behavior: Nocturnal. Runs swiftly. Travels by water. Said to steal food and abduct women.

Distribution: Southwestern British Columbia; Washington State.

Sources: J. W. Burns, "Introducing B.C.'s Hairy Giants," Macleans, April 1, 1929, pp. 9, 61-62; J. W. Burns and C. V. Tench, "The

Hairy Giants of British Columbia," Wide World Magazine, January 1940, pp. 296-307; Wilson Duff, "The Upper Stalo Indians of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia," Anthropology in British Columbia, Memoirs, no. 1 (1953); Diamond Jenness, "The Faith of a Coast Salish Indian," Anthropology in British Columbia, Memoirs, no. 3 (1955); Ivan T. Sanderson, Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life (Philadelphia: Chilton, 1961), pp. 46-47; Wayne Suttles, "On the Cultural Track of the Sasquatch," in Roderick Sprague and Grover S. Krantz, eds., The Scientist Looks at the Sasquatch, 2d ed. (Moscow: University of Idaho Press, 1979), pp. 39-76.

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